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Tree service badgeNeed tree service in Tampa, Fl? With years of experience in tree service and tree removal, we are Tampa’s premier tree service company, serving all of Hillsborough County. No matter what the tree project is or the size, we have the equipment and experience to handle the job at an affordable rate, done in a timely manner. We do both residential and commercial tree service in Tampa, Fl and are fully licensed & insured for your protection.

Why Proper Care for the Trees on Your Property is important

Believe it or not, without trees we all die. Trees give our neighborhoods character, offer clean fresh air, plenty of shade, and a ton more benefits. They also add a lot to the curb appeal to any home in Tampa Bay. Yet, while they will grow naturally, they do require proper care. Trees, like people, can get diseases and need proper care. Taking advantage of the help offered by a local tree service company in Tampa allows homeowners to prevent damage to the tree or their property.

As a homeowner, you likely take pride in your property and work hard to keep it looking its best. Part of that is taking care of the trees on your land. Trees can provide numerous benefits, from providing shade and cooling your home in the summer to helping reduce your energy costs. Proper tree care can also help extend the life of your trees and prevent them from becoming a liability.

While trees can be a wonderful addition to your property, they do require some care and maintenance to stay healthy and thrive. Here are a few tips on how to properly care for the trees on your property:

-Watering: Trees need water to survive, but over-watering can be just as harmful as not watering them at all. Be sure to check the soil around your trees regularly and water them deeply, but only when the soil is dry.

-Pruning: Pruning helps shape trees and keeps them healthy by removing dead or diseased branches. It’s important to prune properly, however, as incorrect pruning can damage or even kill a tree.

-Fertilizing: Fertilizing your trees can help them grow stronger and healthier. Be sure to use a fertilizer that’s specifically designed for trees and follow the directions carefully.

-Mulching: Mulch helps protect tree roots and keeps moisture in the soil. Be sure to use a mulch that’s free of weed seeds and apply it around the tree base, but not up against the trunk.

By following these simple tips, you can help ensure that your trees stay healthy and thrive for years to come.

To help make sure your trees are growing correctly and healthy, or having to remove or replace any trees that are growing too close to the home or are otherwise a danger, it’s best to have a experienced tree service company come out. If you need any help with the trees on your property, our experts can provide the trimming or removal services you need. We’re local to the Tampa Bay area and are only a phone call away. 813-590-4912

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Joan Murphy
Joan Murphy
Good tree service company in Tampa. They were very knowledgeable about my trees, trimmed them beautifully, and cleaned up after.
Nadine Howard
Nadine Howard
My husband and I are happy with the service from Tampa Tree Pros. They came out, gave us an estimate, followed up with us, and showed up when they were supposed to for the tree trimming. We called a few tree services in Tampa before hiring Tampa Tree Pros. They did a good job on our trees and made sure to clean up after. Thank you for the quality tree work.
Henry Sanders
Henry Sanders
We hired this tree service, Tampa Tree Pros, to trim our large Oak and a sweet gum tree. Mitch was very knowledgeable and detail-oriented. H explained what they would do and showed up early on the day of the tree trimming. They did an excellent job trimming the trees. The price was affordable as well. Definitely will recommend this tree service company to our friends!
Gwen Weaver
Gwen Weaver
Tampa Tree Pros did a wonderful job on our tree trimming and 1 removal. We had a dead tree in the back that needed to come down for some time, so we finally got around to having someone come out. This tree service came out the same day we called for a quote, we had a couple of other tree services come out also, but Tampa Tree Pros gave us the best price and were able to get to us quickly, before the holiday. This was a long time coming and I'm sorry we took so long in having someone out because the yard looks amazing again!
Jeanette Barnes
Jeanette Barnes
We highly recommend this tree service in Tampa. They did a fantastic job cutting down our diseased tree. Jon came out quickly to give us a quote. He was also on the job with his crew. He's insured and an arborist so he knows what the trees need. They clean up after everything was done. I was pleased that the whole area they were working around was clean when they were done. Affordable price and great work! You won't go wrong choosing this tree service company.
Celia Kelley
Celia Kelley
What an amazing tree service! They were professional and got the job done quickly. They came and cut down two trees and trimmed two oak trees. In a few hours everything was done. They took the debris away and left the lawn spotless. My place looked great after they left. If you are looking for an amazing tree service company in Tampa and someone you can trust you have to hire this tree service. Absolutely impressed with their work.
Kelli Nelson
Kelli Nelson
We called a few tree service companies before going with Tampa Tree Pros. Not many answered their phones. Tampa Tree Pros was on time, friendly, hardworking and affordable. We are happy with the tree work they did for us.
Erma May
Erma May
We recently had Tampa Tree Pros come out to do some tree work for us. One of the most notable aspects of this tree service company is the level of professionalism. From the moment they arrived at my property, it was clear that they were well-trained and experienced in tree care and removal. They were courteous, attentive to detail, and respectful of my property throughout the entire process. In addition to their professionalism, this tree service demonstrated an impressive level of expertise when it came to handling trees of different kinds and sizes. They were able to identify potential problems with some of my trees that I would have otherwise overlooked, and they provided valuable recommendations on how best to care for my trees to ensure their health and longevity. Overall, I was thoroughly impressed by the service provided by Tampa Tree Pros. Their professionalism, expertise, and commitment to environmental sustainability truly set them apart from other companies. I would have no hesitation in recommending this tree service company to anyone in need of quality service in Tampa. Their staff are highly trained, their level of expertise is impressive, and their commitment to environmental sustainability is truly admirable.
Jennifer Howard
Jennifer Howard
These guys did a quality job on our tree removal! Like most, we had no idea who to call for our tree removal. My husband thought he could do it, but the tree was just too big and he has no experience. I told him I was going to call a tree service. We came across Tampa Tree Pros because of their reviews and where they were located. They made it very easy to get a price, and we thought the price was good, so we had them do it. This saved my husband a lot of work and possible injury. So glad we took this route.
Velma Ray
Velma Ray
We called this tree service in Tampa to have a tree removal done. They were able to come out the next day to look at the tree. They gave us a good price and were able to come out the following week to remove the tree. Were very happy with Tampa Tree Pros and the service they provided for us on our tree removal.

Why Trees Need Service

Trees are going to grow naturally, but that doesn’t mean they grow where they should or that they always look great. Trees may start to lean, may grow more in one direction than the other, or may start to branch out and grow too close to hazards like power lines. Proper trimming and care can help prevent many different issues trees can suffer from, such as damage, disease, and pests. The right care helps the tree grow properly and live as long as possible. With professional care from our team, your trees will look stunning, be less of a hazard, and live longer.

Tree Trimming Tampa FL

As trees grow, some of the tree trimming Tampabranches are going to die. Most of the time they will fall at some point, especially if there are high winds. Trimming helps remove these branches before they fall, so they don’t end up falling on the house, a vehicle, or something else on the property. With small branches, it might not matter, but with the larger branches, this can prevent damage. On top of this, trimming and pruning can help thin out the tree, so all of the leaves get plenty of light, can help keep the tree growing in an aesthetically pleasing shape, and more. Trimming and pruning are a crucial part of proper care for almost any tree.

Dealing With Damaged Trees

Trees can be damaged when the weather is severe. Once they are damaged, they become a hazard. Depending on where the damage is located and how severe it is, the tree may need to be removed. If the damage is small or is located on some of the branches instead of the trunk, it may be possible to save the tree through selective trimming and other care services. One of the professionals on our team can take a look at the damaged tree and provide advice on what your next steps may be. We always try to save the tree if possible.

Tree Removal Tampa

We think trees are beautiful but sometimes a tree will need to come down. There are many reasons for this. Homeowners may need to request a tree removal in Tampa if a tree is growing too close to the home, to other buildings, or to power lines. Trees can also be removed if they’re too close to water lines, if they’re suffering from diseases, or if the tree is dying and is likely to fall soon. By removing the tree, it can be possible to prevent significant damage that could occur if the tree falls. Once the tree is removed, stump removal is the next step. After this, it’s possible to plant a new tree in the same spot or elsewhere in the yard, so the yard continues to look fantastic but is safe.

We believe people should find out what “proper tree service” means to your trees. Not all trees require the same treatment, and not all tree services in Tampa know how to provide ‘proper tree service’ for your trees

Emergency Trimming and Removal

When large branches die, they may fall or if the tree itself is severely damaged it likely could fall too, emergency trimming or removal may be needed. Emergency trimming can help remove branches that are dying or that have become a hazard. A tree removal in Tampa can take the whole tree out of the yard, so there’s no chance of it falling on the home, person or vehicle on your property. Emergency tree service and removal are often needed after severe weather but can be requested any time there is a potential danger with the trees in your yard.

Dangers of Working on a Tree

Tree removal When someone watches our team cut down a tree, they might wonder why they need to call for help. After all, it doesn’t look that difficult to cut a few branches here and there to trim the tree. The reality is, though, tree trimming and removal are dangerous jobs. A lot of training is needed by our team of professionals to make sure they can safely work on any tree without the risk of being injured by the tree, the equipment needed, or falling off the ladder. Our team may make the job look effortless, but that’s because they have all of the right equipment and training to make sure they can do the job right and do the job quickly.

If you need to have trees trimmed or removed, calling local tree service companies is the first step in the process. You’ll want to look for a company that is licensed and insured, has a good reputation, has experience in what you need done and the company trains employees on safety measures they need on the job. Our team has everything needed to do a fantastic job, and we spend time training our team on how to make sure the job is done safely. We arrive on time with our crew ready to go to work. Tampa Tree makes sure you’re happy with the tree work we do for you, as we strive to get great reviews from each of our customers. If you have any questions about trimming, removal, or other types of care your trees might need, we’re happy to help.

If you have trees in your yard, it’s inevitable that you’ll need help with tree trimming at some point. You may also need help with tree removal if a tree is damaged or dies. We can help with both of these services and more. We can help make sure every tree on your property is growing away from hazards, looks fantastic, and is as healthy as possible. If you need help caring for the trees on your property call Tampa Tree Pros 813-590-4912. In Clearwater and need tree service? Call our friends at Clearwater Tree Service.

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When looking for in Tree Service Companies in Tampa FL.

When doing a search in google or your favorite search platform, we put keywords such as: tree service near me“, “tree service Tampa, Fl”, “tree trimming service”, “tree removal Tampa”, “tree removal service near me”, “cheap tree service”,”best tree service companies” “tree care companies”, and so on, You’ll start to realized that the system offers you many varied options to fine the same thing, but the question is, What do you look for in a tree service provider? How do you know what to ask for the best tree service company in Tampa or any area like Brandon, Clearwater, St.Pete or Plant City? The answer is simple, Does their website give a good understanding of what your looking for? Do they answer the phone when you call? Do they give you confidence they are an experienced company? How are their reviews? This tells you what others have experience with them. Also, take into account certain parameters, for example: reputation, commitment, professionalism, experience, license and insurance. Remember that there is no specific order, but you must gather all these quality components when making your selection.

A little history on Tampa Florida

When the pioneer community living near the US Army outpost of Fort Brooke was incorporated in 1849, it was called “Tampa Town”. The name was shortened to “Tampa” in 1855.

Tampa was a military center during the 19th century with the establishment of Fort Brooke. The cigar industry was also brought to the city by Vincente Martinez Ybor, after whom Ybor City is named. Tampa was formally reincorporated as a city in 1887, following the Civil War. Today, Tampa’s economy is driven by tourism, health care, finance, insurance, technology, construction, and the maritime industry.

In 1957, unconfirmed rumors were reported that a $25–30 million dollar brewery would be built in Tampa by Anheuser-Busch, which would evolve to become Busch Gardens as we know it today. There are so many places to visit and see in Tampa, that one should take their time and do some exploring.