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We’re a local, licensed & insured, affordable tree service company right here in Odessa, Florida. We do tree trimming, tree removal, stump grinding and more. FREE estimates!

Tree Service in Odessa, FL.

tree service Odessa FlWelcome to our tree service in Odessa, Florida. If you’ve found yourself on our site, chances are you’re in need of some sort of tree service. Your in luck, we are a licensed & insured, affordable tree service company in Odessa.

Whether it is preparing for a storm, planting a new tree, removing a tree, or just tree maintenance, our trees need attention periodically. Without it, they will grow wild and become dangerous to their surroundings. That is why experienced tree service companies are necessary at times. It is helpful to choose one that is local, is licensed & insured, knowledgeable, has good reviews and has the proper equipment to handle the job you have in mind. Our tree service company in Odessa has been helping clients with their trees, whether that is trimming or removing them, for over 20 years. all that and we’re affordable. Call us today for a FREE quote, 813-590-4912.

Tree Trimming Odessa FL

It is important living in Florida to trim trees once a year for the health of the tree and to keep your property safe during inclement weather like hurricanes and tropical storms. Trees can grow, depending on how much rain, quite fast and start to invade your home or a neighbor’s property.  Our tree trimming in Odessa includes, crown thinning, crown raising, and crown reduction to make sure that your trees do not grow asymmetrically or hang down over any part of your home, causing potential damage in the future.  

Tree Removal Odessa FL

tree service OdessaTrees are a vital part of our environment, but unfortunately, there are times when the tree or trees must be removed.  This can be due to the tree becoming infected with a disease, or the tree has out grown the area it is in, or it may be causing damage to the driveway or house. For whatever reasons, tree removal in Odessa is more common than not. The important thing about tree removal Odessa is to not try to remove a tree unless you are qualified and have the right equipment to do so. Leaving tree removal to the professionals is the best way to safely remove it. You want to have one the is licensed & insured so if something does go wrong, it’s not often but there are times when it does, you are covered. Plus the tree removal company will pull the permit to have the tree removed.

Why Choose Odessa Tree Service?

We offer affordable prices and excellent customer service. We are licensed, insured, and we take a prescriptive approach to tree care from the first call until your satisfaction is ensured before our departure!

Here are a few more reasons to hire us for your tree care:

  • Being that we are licensed and insured: You will not be held liable if any unforeseen incident happens.
  • We offer complete tree service: Tree removals, tree trimming, tree pruning, tree cutting, stump removal, clean up of mulch – we have you covered!
  • Tampa Tree offers FREE estimates: We make sure you know how much the tree service will cost you before we begin the job. We are locally owned and operated: Right in Hillsborough County.
  • We have a remote control saw, which most tree companies don’t, that makes trimming or removing your tree much quicker than normal climbing.
  • Our Tree service team always practice SAFETY FIRST protocol: We can’t stress how important safety is for us. Our crew are fully equipped with protective gear before they do the job. 

We are committed to serving you and taking care of your trees to your satisfaction.

A little history about Odessa Florida

The Odessa area was first settled in the middle 1800s by the W.M. Mobley Family who migrated from Savannah, Georgia. Odessa was named in the 1880s by Peter Demens, a Russian immigrant who developed the community through the Orange Belt Railway. Later, the railroad came through, running parallel with S.R. 54. Demens also founded St. Petersburg, Florida and named both communities after places he used to go to in his native country.

There was once a large sawmill in the area providing employment. This sawmill replaced some smaller ones and was burned in a fire in 1922